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FOUND: Searching for a Harry Potter harem/multi fic

Hermione and several other girl (pos Daphne, Tracey, Susan, Hannah, Luna, and Patil twins, and others?) do a group binding ritual to Harry as some way to help him out. Not sure of exact details.

Only, afterwords (several chapter later), it turns out the ritual is actually a marriage ceremony, so some of the girls - who are betrothed to guys they like - back out so they can marry their men. The rest don't like their husbands-to-be. (Harry eventually wins over the Patil Twins dad by saying he would support his bid for lordship?)

Also, this part might be from that harem fic, or from a different harem fic. But, Harry builds a magical building in the Grangers back yard (I think, I'm sure), and it has a giant underground wizardspace room built by goblins that has mountains, rivers, forests, beaches, etc in it.

It is, also, quite likely to be on

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