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We'll help you find that lost fanfic you read once but can't find again. (ALL FANDOMS)
Lovingly ripped off from whatwasthatbook:

This is a community for finding that fanfic you barely remember reading five years ago or read last week but forgot to bookmark.

To find fic, post here with as many details as you can remember about the fic you are looking for. Characters, pairings, plot points, length, where and when you last read the fic, and your favorite scenes are all useful details. Be specific! There are hundreds of Naruto high school AUs on fanfiction.net, but there might only be one that is 14 chapters long and casts Orochimaru as the shop teacher fired three years ago for stealing school property.

If you're lucky, someone in this community will know which fic you're talking about.

1. When posting, please tag lost fics with the *lost tag. If someone locates your fic, please change this to the *found tag. This is to help members identify which fics have already been found. If you can, please also edit your post with a link to the fic (or with the title and author). Don't edit or strike through your original question, because someone else may be looking for the same fic.

2. Put the fandom of the fic you're looking for somewhere prominent, like the subject line or in bold size 4 capslock on the first line of the entry. It's also a good idea, though not required, to tag entries by fandom. Tag permissions for this community are set so that any member can create new tags or alter existing tags.

3. It's okay to ask members about a fic you remember the author and title of, but can't find online. However please note that authors occasionally have reasons for removing their fanfiction, and that the link you are looking for might not exist.

To members: If you can find it publicly on the internet -- even through something like archive.org -- you can share the link. Please don't share friendslocked fic or the text files on your computer. If you want to email the poster privately to share your copy of a much-beloved, formerly public fanfiction that has been tragically lost to the sands of time...well, I can't stop you, can I? However, I don't want to know about it.

4. If your question contains spoilers -- either for the series or the fanfic -- please put the spoilers behind a livejournal cut.